POS+ Hindi 60 Days Subscription

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Monday, Wednesday and Friday 07:00AM to 08:00AM IST (01:30AM to 02:30AM UTC)

POS+ Hindi

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Performance Optimization Strategy With Live Online Hindi Sessions

To be Successful in Trading you must have an Edge and nothing can surpass the Experience of Watching and Understanding Trade Set-Ups in Real Time from Entry to Exit.

Our Live Online Sessions will give you that Edge.

Performance Optimization Strategy which is based upon Demand and Supply Trading approach provides you with the Skills and Knowledge required to properly Plan Trades and Manage Risk in trading the Financial Markets. Our Live Online Sessions will transform Powerful Performance Optimization Strategy into Real World Trading Ideas. This helps you gain Experience required to Build an Effective Rules-Based Trading Plan Focused on Objective Market Information. Learning how to apply a Solid Set of Rules in Real Time gives you the ability to Unemotionally Identify Trading Opportunities and Plan Trades with the Precision needed for Successful Trading. Our Live Online Sessions cover Various Styles of Trading including Day, Swing, and Positional Trading which are essential for a Complete Trader.

Trading is a competition between two sides where there is always a Winner and a Loser. During Live Online Sessions, you will understand Skills and Techniques to help you Buy and Sell using Simple, Rules-Based System which is designed to keep you on the winning side. Our Live Online Sessions will help you to Identify Key Turning Points in Advance. Our Live Online Sessions Focuses on Indian Stocks, but the Skills and Knowledge you will gain are Equally Applicable to Any Asset Class (Stocks, Futures, Commodities or Forex) and ANY MARKET (Indian or International).

Our Live Online Sessions are FULLY Interactive Sessions led by Surjeet Kakkar.

Topics Covered in Basic Lessons

  • Understanding Demand and Supply
  • Candlestick, Zones & Multiple Time Frame Analysis
  • Identify Zone, Curve, Trend Analysis and Our Action
  • Entry Types, Boosters, Exits and Trade Management
  • Position Sizing and Watch List
  • Rule-Based Online Trading Simulation Example

Topics Covered in Advanced Lessons

  • Demand and Supply, Multiple Time Frames Review
  • Projected Trend Analysis
  • Pro Gaps and Novice Gaps
  • Fine Tuning Demand and Supply Zones
  • Advanced Boosters
  • Booster Scoring Methodology
  • Candlesticks
  • Scanners for Indian Stock Market
  • Trade Management

Live Online Session Details

60 Days Subscription

  • Access to Performance Optimization Strategy Basic Lessons (ONLINE STREAMING).
  • Access to Performance Optimization Strategy Advanced Lessons (ONLINE STREAMING).
  • 2 Simulation Sessions Every Week on Monday & Wednesday 07:00AM to 08:00AM IST (01:30AM to 02:30AM UTC) during 60 Days Subscription Period.
  • 1 Q&A Session Every Week on  Friday 07:00AM to 08:00AM IST (01:30AM to 02:30AM UTC) during 60 Days Subscription Period.
  • Session language Hindi. PPT, PDF, Excel Sheets or any other documents will be in English.
  • Join Sessions using PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device.
  • Session recordings are available during 60 Days Subscription Period. (Recording Archive till 06 March 2020 will be in English)
  • Exclusive and Complimentary Smart Excel Sheet for Boosters and Trade Logs.

Purchasing the course allows you to take and re-take this course (Basic and Advanced Lessons) as often as you like, for as long as we exist!

Rules for Q&A Session

  1. Questions are to be posted in the Q&A Window.
  2. 1 Question per post.
  3. Questions related to Trade Setups must include screenshots with Booster Scoring.
  4. Max 3 Trades for Review.
  5. Questions will be answered following First In First Out.
  6. You can ask for Mic rights to ask your query using the microphone.
  7. All questions posted by 8 o’clock will be answered.

NOTE: Access to Live Online Session During Your 60 days Subscription Period Only.