Performance Optimization Strategy Hindi

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Based upon Demand and Supply Approach.

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Performance Optimization Strategy for Successful Trading

To excel in the world of trading, having an edge is crucial. Our Performance Optimization Strategy, based on the Demand and Supply Trading approach, provides you with that edge. This comprehensive course equips you with the necessary skills to effectively plan trades and manage risks in various financial markets, including stocks, futures, commodities, and forex. By applying a rules-based strategy grounded in objective market information, you’ll gain the knowledge required to build a solid foundation for successful trading. This strategy covers different trading styles such as day, swing, and positional trading, ensuring you become a well-rounded trader.

Trading is a competitive arena with winners and losers. In our Performance Optimization Strategy, you’ll learn essential skills and techniques to navigate the market using a simple, rules-based system that keeps you on the winning side. The principles you’ll master are applicable to any asset class and any market, whether it’s Indian or international.

The total duration of this course is approximately 200 minutes, divided into Basic and Advanced lessons.

Topics Covered in Basic Lessons:

  1. Understanding Demand and Supply
  2. Candlestick, Zones & Multiple Time Frame Analysis
  3. Identifying Zones, Curve, Trend Analysis, and Our Action
  4. Entry Types, Boosters, Exits, and Trade Management
  5. Position Sizing and Watch List
  6. Rule-Based Online Trading Simulation Example

Topics Covered in Advanced Lessons:

  1. Demand and Supply, Multiple Time Frames Review
  2. Projected Trend Analysis
  3. Pro Gaps and Novice Gaps
  4. Fine-Tuning Demand and Supply Zones
  5. Advanced Boosters
  6. Booster Scoring Methodology
  7. Candlesticks
  8. Scanners for the Indian Stock Market
  9. Trade Management

Purchasing this course grants you unlimited access to both the Basic and Advanced lessons. You can take and retake the course as often as you like, ensuring a thorough understanding of the material. Please note that the course is designed for individuals with previous trading experience who believe they can independently apply the methodology after learning the theory.

Whether you aspire to become a day trader, swing trader, or positional trader, our Performance Optimization Strategy will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic world of trading. Enroll now and gain the competitive edge you need for successful trading.


POS subscription grants you access to the theoretical aspects of the course through pre-recorded lessons. This subscription is designed for individuals who have previous trading experience and believe that they can independently apply the methodology after acquiring the necessary knowledge. The POS subscription does not include hands-on or practical training sessions. It focuses on providing you with a deep understanding of the methodology and equipping you with the skills required to implement it effectively in your trading activities. It assumes that you have the necessary background and experience to apply the concepts and techniques covered in the course. By enrolling in the POS course you will have the flexibility to revisit the theory lessons as often as you like, allowing you to reinforce your understanding and enhance your skills. However, please note that the POS course does not provide ongoing support or guidance from instructors.

If you are a self-motivated trader with past experience and are confident in your ability to apply the methodology independently, the POS subscription is an ideal option for you. It enables you to access the course material at your own pace and convenience, empowering you to implement the Performance Optimization Strategy effectively. Please ensure that you carefully consider your trading experience and goals before selecting the POS subscription. If you prefer a more comprehensive learning experience with hands-on guidance and support, we recommend exploring our POS+ course which offers interactive training and mentorship.