One & Only Demand and Supply Zone Scanner

Conventional Scanners are based on Indicators and Oscillators which do not help in identifying Scripts based on Demand and Supply Methodology.

Here are some of the challenges faced by Demand and Supply Traders when using Conventional Scanners.

  • If the Script List is Small, there might not be any Quality Zone Setup
  • If the Script List is large, it is Very Time Consuming
  • Based on conventional scanners most of the Stocks will not have Quality Zones which leads to Wasting Time
  • During Live Market You Can Only Watch Few Scripts and that leads to Missing Opportunities
  • All Scanner Use Conventional Indicators and Oscillators which are Lagging 
  • No Scanner Available For Demand & Supply
Our Alerts Service which is purely based on Demand and Supply Zone formation takes care of all these challenges. 
  • Small List with Quality Zone Setup that helps in Saving Time
  • Monitors Multiples Scripts on Multiple Time Frames for Demand and Supply Zone therefore No More Missing Opportunities
  • Live Alerts therefore No Lag
  • Alerts Purely Based On Demand & Supply Zone formation
  • Complimentary access to Demand Supply Zone Indiator with Alerts feature during your Alerts subscription peroid.