Demand Supply Zone Indicator

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Demand Supply Zone Indicator for TradingView

The Demand Supply Zone indicator helps in identifying the Demand Supply Zones on the chart by pinpointing them. The indicator looks for patterns of Drop-Base-Rally and Rally-Base-Rally and when such a pattern is available the indicator marks it as DZ ( Demand Zone ). Likewise, if the indicator finds a pattern of Rally-Base-Drop or Drop-Base-Drop the indicator marks it as SZ ( Supply Zone ). The basing candles are changed to Blue color and the Legout candle is changed to Black color.

The setting for legout strength can be customized as follows

1. You can choose which patterns the indicator should identify.
2. Number of candles in basing from 1 to 6.
3. Strength of the legout.
4. Identify follow-through patterns.
5. Hide Single Legout patterns.
6. Strength of the first legout in follow through pattern.
7. Strength of the second legout in the follow through pattern.
8. Customize Basing Color
9. Customize Legout Color
10. Display Pattern Name
11. Proximal and Distal Values
12. Color customization for Demand Supply Zone Labels

NOTE: Understanding of Demand Supply Trading Methodology is required to use the Indicator effectively. The indicator does not provide buy/sell signals, the indicator only helps in identifying Demand Supply Zones on the chart.

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