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Get Live Alerts for HIT, DIT, WIT and MIT Trade Setups on our Telegram Channel.

Alerts help in Shortlisting Symbols based on Demand Supply Zone formation. Do not consider them as Trading Tips or Calls.

For Alerts Demo, Join Our Alerts Demo Channel by clicking the URL provided below.

NSE Stocks Demo:

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International Forex Demo:

For the list of symbols for which Alerts are provided and Alerts related FAQ’s visit Alerts FAQ


The Demand Supply Screener helps in identifying symbols that are trading close to or inside Demand Supply Zones. You can provide a list of up to 40 symbols to the screener.

Use “Proximity %” to filter symbols, for example, if you set it to 2%, the screener will shortlist symbols where the high/low of the time frame you are on is within 2% proximity of the supply/demand zone respectively.

You can check the following videos for Demand Supply Screener walkthrough


NOTE: Understanding of Demand Supply Trading Methodology is required to use the Alerts/Screener effectively. Alerts/Screener is not a call/tips or recommendation service, it’s a scanner based on Demand Supply Zones.

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