We’re here to answer the most common questions about our products/services.

The Demand Supply Zone Indicator is a powerful tool that helps traders identify potential demand and supply zones in various financial markets. These zones can be valuable for making informed trading decisions. The Demand Supply Zone Indicator is only available on tradingview.com and can be accessed on a subscription basis. For more information on Demand Supply Zone Indicator visit https://surjeetkakkar.com/demand-supply-zone-indicator/.

You can subscribe to the indicator using the following link Demand Supply Zone Indicator Subscription.

Alerts are notifications that we send to subscribers via our telegram channel when the indicator detects significant demand or supply zones during the live market. These alerts help traders stay updated and act promptly in the markets. For more information on Alerts, you can visit Alerts Subscription.

For Alerts related FAQs, you can visit Alerts FAQ.

You can subscribe to Alerts using the following link https://surjeetkakkar.com/product/alerts-subscription/

The Demand Supply Zone Screener is a subscription based tool available on tradingview.com that allows you to filter and scan multiple trading instruments for symbols trading close to inside potential demand and supply zones. It helps traders efficiently identify trading opportunities based on demand supply zones.

For more information on Demand Supply Zone Screener visit https://surjeetkakkar.com/demand-supply-screener/

You can subscribe to Demand Supply Zone Screener using the following URL https://surjeetkakkar.com/product/demand-supply-screener/

Direct links for subscription are provided below. Choose a subscription plan that suits your needs. Follow the registration process and make a secure payment to gain access to these tools/services on subscription basis.

Yes, Demand Supply Zone Indicator or Demand Supply Zone Screener can be used on a free TradingView account. However, please note that subscribing to either of these will not change or upgrade your subscription level on TradingView.

We offer various subscription plans, including 30 Days, 60 Days, and Annual options. Each plan provides you access to the subscribed tools/services during your subscription period starting from the commencement date you choose at the time of subcription.

We do have a demo version of the Demand Supply Zone Indicator available. To access it, you can search the tradingview indicator list for “Demo Demand Supply Zone Indicator”.

You can also check the walkthrough video available at Demand Supply Zone Indicator Walkthrough to understand how to access the Demo Demand Supply Zone Indicator.

We also have Alerts Demo Telegram Channels. You can join the Alerts Demo Telegram channel from the following URL Alerts Demo Telegram Channel.

Currently, we do not offer a demo for the Demand Supply Zone Screener, however, you can check the walkthrough video available at Demand Supply Zone Screener Walkthrough to understand how the Demand Supply Zone Screener functions.

Once the subscription order is placed, it cannot be cancelled. Please note that Demand Supply Zone Indicator, Alerts, Demand Supply Zone Screener and Alerts & Screener Combo Subscriptions are non-refundable. You will maintain access to your subscription until the end of the subscription period.

No, your account will not be auto-charged at the end of the subscription period. You have full control over your subscription and can choose whether or not to renew it. If you decide not to renew, your subscription will automatically cancel at the end of its current period.

We believe in transparency and giving our customers the freedom to choose what works best for them. This is why we do not have an automatic account charging system in place. We want our customers to be in control of their finances and to be able to make informed decisions about their subscriptions.

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription plan to access more features. Here are the available upgrade options:

  • Demand Supply Zone Indicator subscription can be upgraded to Alerts, Demand Supply Zone Screener, or Alerts & Screener Combo Subscription.

  • Alerts subscription can be upgraded to Alerts & Screener Combo Subscription.

  • Demand Supply Screener subscription can be upgraded to Alerts & Screener Combo Subscription.

Please note that the duration of the new subscription plan has to be equal to or greater than the current subscription duration. If you already have an active subscription and wish to upgrade to one of the above plans, please send an email to info@surjeetkakkar.com. In your email, mention that you have an active subscription and provide details about your current subscription and the subscription plan you wish to upgrade to. We will then send you a coupon code with an amount equivalent to your pending subscription period on a pro-rata basis. This coupon can be used when you upgrade your subscription, ensuring a seamless transition to your new plan. 


Access to your selected subscription service begins according to the commencement date you chose during the order placement. Once your subscription is activated, you will receive an email containing detailed instructions on how to access the subscribed tool or service. We understand the importance of getting started with our service promptly, and we are committed to ensuring a smooth and timely activation process for you.

To confirm the commencement date, you can refer to the invoice that was sent to your registered email address upon placing the order. If needed, you can also access the invoice by visiting the following URL: Invoice Download Link

You can download the Alerts Filter sheet from the following URL: https://surjeetkakkar.com/product/alerts-filter/ by clicking on the “Download Now” button. To access the download, please ensure that you have an active Alerts subscription and you are logged into your account.